developer modules

Automatic Software Update

The ASU API lets developers easily publish and manage app updates without the need to resubmit to iTunes every time. That's right! You can push automatic updates to your users without waiting for iTunes QA. Updates occur silently and automatically so your users are always kept current. Publishing an update is as easy as uploading a new package to your ASU accout, just like you would if re-submitting to iTunes. ASU will keep your users current.



The Sharecode API allows apps to incorporate a one-to-many cross-platform sharing mechanism. Users of apps can easily share dynamic content such as game replays, messages, or UGC. Sharecodes can also be used by publishers to unlock features after an app has been released. Sharecode data can be accessed by web widgets which allow websites to display shared data, such as game replays, messages, or UGC.


Queued Rich Push Notification

Queued Rich Push Notifications are a better way to push app-centric notifications. In addition to all the features supported by Apple's native push notifications, our API allows queued and rich notifications. Queued notifications badge your app's icon with the number of waiting items and displays the notifications on next launch. Rich notifications extend Apple's text-only notifications to allow for web pages, external links, requesters, and invisible notifications.


Usage Metrics

Usage Metrics records how a user interacts with your software over time. You can see important stats like total time, launches and crashes, but also how many times a particular function is used, or how much time users spend on specific screens. Any function of your software can be monitored and tracked over time.


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